Dorset Weekend
A long weekend down in Dorset, staying in a Shepherd’s Wagon!
The Crossbreeding Zoo
Project in progress – illustrating my poem ‘The Crossbreeding Zoo’. Let me tell you, my friends About the Crossbreeding Zoo All the animals are mish-matched And they’re waiting for you. See for yourself¬† The Bumblebear So cuddly and fluffy It’s incredibly rare.¬† The ferocious Buffamole Has enormous big horns It can burrow a mile deep […]
The Road Less Travelled
Based on the proverb ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost, the story is about choosing your own way and making your own adventures, with the underlying message that life is all about the journey, not the destination. All of the illustrations were drawn by hand with pencil and paper, scanned in, and then coloured […]
Global Initiative Christmas Card
Illustration for the Global Initiative 2017 Christmas Card for friends and clients.
You’d Never Know – Logo Design
A simple logo design for my cousin’s venture – a hand made vegan bakery company.
Global Initiative 18 Years Birthday Programme
To celebrate a fantastic 18 years since its founding, on the 20th October GI hosted a party at the Natural History Museum in Oxford. This 28 page A4 programme was created to support the evening, and to celebrate some of our most exciting projects.
A long weekend in Amsterdam as the autumn leaves were turning.