Line art animals
Playing around with a new style, and trying out Procreate’s symmetrical feature    
Arrived at Heathrow, very long que at check in so no time for celebratory gin and tonic. Boarded plane, had gin and tonic, slept for 9 hours. Arrived in Bangkok and went to hotel; very modern, quiet, perfectly suited. Headed out for some food and drink down Khao San Road. Discovered that the drink ‘Gintonic’ […]
The Oxford Ox
Trying out a character design for a new book idea; ‘The Oxford Ox’
Llama Party
Because, you know, llamas.  
How to hide a penguin
“The most comprehensive guide to penguin hiding that money can buy” Another illustrated poetry book, this time about the struggles of penguin hiding.
Okie the Otter
Inspired by the sea otters on blue planet, an idea for another picture book… Okie the otter, Lives under the sea, Amongst all the fishes, She swims happy and free. She swims in through the coral, Out through the reeds, Darting this way and that way, At the highest of speeds. She plays with the […]
Just a few snaps from the Wilderness Festival 2018
How to hide a penguin
Early illustrations from my book ‘How to hide a penguin’ – full book is here.
Lennie the Penguin, 2018
Do penguins have to live in the snow? Do pigs have to live on a farm? Join Lennie the penguin as she sets off on an adventure of self discovery, and learns that you don’t have to settle for the boxes that life puts you in; you can be whatever makes you happy.