Lennie the Penguin
My latest project is illustrating a picture book ‘Lennie the Penguin’; a story about a grumpy penguin that hates snow. When an Albatross flies in and tells Lennie about another land where there is no snow, Lennie sets off on an adventure of self discovery.
The 25 Hills of Malvern
Walking the Malvern ridge with my parents.
The Jumbled Up Zoo
Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a mole with a buffalo? Or a lion with a flamingo? Come take a trip through The Jumbled Up Zoo, and meet some of the world’s weirdest and most wonderful creatures! This is the second book that I’ve authored and illustrated. It’s completely light hearted, and a […]
Bears in the River
Just some bears, swimming around in a river.
Dorset Weekend
A long weekend down in Dorset, staying in a Shepherd’s Wagon!
Clocks go forward
A spontaneous post to celebrate the clocks going forward.
Turtle Curling
Inspired by the curling in the winter Olympics, here’s a post for ‘Turtle Curling’
The Crossbreeding Zoo
Project in progress – illustrating my poem ‘The Crossbreeding Zoo’. Let me tell you, my friends About The Jumbled Up Zoo All the animals are mish-matched And they’re waiting for you. There’s an animal they call The Bumblebear So loveable and cuddly With its soft fuzzy hair. The ferocious Buffamole Has the sharpest of horns […]
The Road Less Travelled
Based on the proverb ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost, the story is about choosing your own way and making your own adventures, with the underlying message that life is all about the journey, not the destination. All of the illustrations were drawn by hand with pencil and paper, scanned in, and then coloured […]