Fine Art


Created these last week at uni, this is highly addictive!

One Point Six

Continuing on this theme of 1.6, this was the final piece produced for the January hand in for my MA Visual Communications. Here different characters are shown in a park, all with incredibly different and separate lives (kids playing football, men in a cafe, child and todler, etc.) but they are all interlinked – the […]

Cardboard Men

By layering up segments of cardboard I was able to create my own men. This was fascinating as the layers of cardboard could be used to represent ages of the characters – the older the character the more layers there would be and the more compressed they would be – giving a far more solid […]


The idea here is that when viewed from above, the line the man has walked (shown with the white thread) shapes the figures ‘1.6’ (golden ratio). From all other angles though its all confusing, and we just focus on the obstacles of cardboard, from one view point though it’s all perfectly clear that everything’s perfectly […]

A fragile string of moments

One of my more successful pieces for my MA, what is being represented here is that we are connected by a fragile string of moments – if any of these moments don’t happen in perfect order couples might not meet, families might not be created. The forming of a relationship is so delicate, not only […]

Grumpy Old Men

So have decided to start painting again, and this is my first attempt in4 years?! Its taken from one of my early photographs, but I’ve tried to give it a bit of style. I’m happy with the way the man on the left looks, not so happy with the guy on the right. But you […]