Line art animals

Playing around with a new style, and trying out Procreate’s symmetrical feature    

The Oxford Ox

Trying out a character design for a new book idea; ‘The Oxford Ox’

Okie the Otter

Inspired by the sea otters on blue planet, an idea for another picture book… Okie the otter, Lives under the sea, Amongst all the fishes, She swims happy and free. She swims in through the coral, Out through the reeds, Darting this way and that way, At the highest of speeds. She plays with the […]

How to hide a penguin

Early illustrations from my book ‘How to hide a penguin’ – full book is here.

Lennie the Penguin

My latest project is illustrating a picture book ‘Lennie the Penguin’; a story about a grumpy penguin that hates snow. When an Albatross flies in and tells Lennie about another land where there is no snow, Lennie sets off on an adventure of self discovery. View the completed picture book here.

Hetty’s Hospital

Hetty’s Hospital is an interactive story app that is designed to reduce anxiety for young children going into hospital. Funded by the NHS 2023 challenge, the idea was to make the hospital experience less daunting by informing the kids about what they would be doing in the hospital, and by characterising the staff and the […]

Clocks go forward

A spontaneous post to celebrate the clocks going forward.

Turtle Curling

Inspired by the curling in the winter Olympics, here’s a post for ‘Turtle Curling’

The Crossbreeding Zoo

This project is now complete – please see the portfolio project Project in progress – illustrating my poem ‘The Crossbreeding Zoo’. Let me tell you, my friends About The Jumbled Up Zoo All the animals are mish-matched And they’re waiting for you. There’s an animal they call The Bumblebear So loveable and cuddly With its […]

Global Initiative 18 Years Birthday Programme

To celebrate a fantastic 18 years since its founding, on the 20th October GI hosted a party at the Natural History Museum in Oxford. This 28 page A4 programme was created to support the evening, and to celebrate some of our most exciting projects.

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