Just a few snaps from the Wilderness Festival 2018

Dorset Weekend

A long weekend down in Dorset, staying in a Shepherd’s Wagon!

Common People

Pics from Common People, Oxford festival all shot on my Olympus Pen EP-1

Bicycles of Oxford

I love taking photos around Oxford, but it’s easy to fall in to the tourist trap and take photos that have been taken a thousand times before, so I came up with a new angle – the understated bicycles of Oxford. Here’s how it’s shaping up so far.

1hr Photo Challenge

Wet and windy day on holiday so did a quick photo challenge – to take 10 photos in and around my flat in 1 hour. Obviously spent a bit longer is post-production afterwards, but all the photos were taken within 1 hour. Got a bit hairy towards the end, but a good quick and easy […]

South Park, Autumn Pics

South Park is one of my favourite places in the world. Here’s some pics of the place and it’s wonderful characters from this Autumn.

35mm Glastonbury

I took the first camera I ever owned – an brilliant little 35mm Pentax point and shoot camera to Glastonbury, here’s the best of the bunch!

Front Doors of Lymington

Day Trip to Lymington – rainy and grey so not much to take photos of, besides an elaborate array of brightly coloured doors.

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