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Where did all the women go

On April 21st 2017 I presented the following workshop at UX in the City: Oxford. The workshop summarizes the current situation for women in technology; reflecting on the past to understand how we got to these horrendous figures, and debunking some of the assumptions that are thrown around when trying to justify the situation.

The Design Conference

To badge, or not to badge You arrive at the conference and straight away are presented with a dilemma – the great name badge debacle. At this point those attending the conference are divided into three categories – those that wear their name badges with pride, those that refuse to wear it at all, and […]

US Elections – What their websites can tell us about the candidates

It’s hard not to be swept up in all the excitement of the US Elections – a far cry from the Cameron / Milliband squabbles of last summer – the US elections have packed out stadiums, cheerleaders, and an awful lot of merchandise. Just as a point of interest I’ve had a go at comparing […]

CS Session Write Up – Lifting The Lid On Amazing Craft

After everyone had stocked up on Danish Pastries and cucumber water, the first speaker to take to the stage in front of an audience of 60+ was Roy Kerr; a record producer and innovator in the use of technology in the music industry in the late 90’s. Kerr discussed his mix A Stroke of Genius […]

Dissertation: The Value of Design in the Digital Age

Abstract The digital age has increased efficiency in the design process, and has made design packages that were previously exclusive to professionals accessible to the public. But has this now started to have a negative impact on the design industry, and reduced the value in design? In this essay the broader issues of the influence […]