A 2015 study coming out of the University of Tel Aviv shows that actually only 0-8% of us exclusively relate to the characteristics of the male of female brain – the over whelming majority of us are a complete mix-match of the two brains, a bit like a mosaic. Put simply, “there are no two types of brain”.
And the thing is, whatever arrangement you do have is completely flexible. for example the London taxi driver is not born with the ability to store all of the street names in London in their head – its something they can train their brain how to do. The gender imbalance in tech is often justified by the tendency for the male brain to be better at spacial awareness, which makes tasks in technology and engineering far easier for them. Except that much like the London taxi driver’s ability to memorise all the street names, spacial awareness is a skill that can be taught. And it can be taught by playing with things like lego.