About Me


Born and raised in the Malvern Hills, I moved to Oxford in 2009 and have lived in the area ever since. I work full-time as a Senior Product Designer at what3words where I work on the design and evolution of the various what3words applications. It is through my design work I discovered a love for illustration, which is something I’ve pursued endlesssly in my spare time, as well as professionally.

A consistent theme throughout my illustration is my love for the amusing and the whimsical – particularly with animals. My experience as a designer has a strong influence on my style – bold colours, smooth lines, and geometrical shapes.

However recently as my extended family has expanded, I’ve begun exploring a more organic style as I’ve created books and prints for a younger audience. Through mixed brushes and textures, I’ve enjoyed bringing motion and energy to prints – but always continuing with the playful and whimiscal theme.