what3words Product Design

Here’s a selection of some of the projects I’ve worked on since joining what3words in 2018…

what3words Map Site

Role in project: Lead design & UX

The mainstay of the what3words website; the map site allows anyone to find, share, navigate, and save a what3words address. A simple utility, this website is used by consumers, business partners, and emergency call centres alike.

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Role in project: Lead design & UX

FindMe is an ultra-acessible, low file size web page that allows anyone to find their current what3words address. Designed for location sharing in emergencies, this web page is being used by emergency services around the world to find people in remote locations.

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50 Languages Mini-Website

Role in project: Website design & build

To celebrate the milestone of what3words being available in a staggering 50 unique languages, we created a mini-website with fun facts and insights about each of the languages, as well as behind the scenes facts about how the word list for each language was assembled.

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3rd Party Integrations

Role in project: Lead design & UX

The aim of what3words is to become integrated into as many different apps and platforms as possible. In order to do this we provide guidance and support to 3rd parties to make sure what3words integrations provide the best experience possible for all users.

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what3words Illustration Identity

Role in project: Lead illustrator

Development of a comprehensive illustration style to be used across product and marketing.

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what3words Developer Website

Role in project: Lead design & UX

The developer website is an extensive resource of guided tutorials for users of all abilities to integrate the what3words API into their digital projects. The website also includes tools such as the Playground that allows users to experiment with the API without having to write any code.

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App Photo Feature

Role in project: Design & UX

The photo feature within the main what3words app allows users to add a what3words address sticker to a photo in order to describe the precise location where it was taken. Popular with fans across social media, this feature allows for customisation of the sticker style and colour palette.

what3words Product Icons

Role in project: Design

Design of the comprehensive set of what3words product icons for use across platforms.

App User Dashboard

Role in project: Design & animation

The User Dashboard was designed as a way of educating the user about all of the features in the app they may not have yet discovered. The dashboard lists all of the key features, and displays a short video animation that provides a very short tutorial of the feature.

what3words Socks

Role in project: Sock Design

These socks were created as a gift to those that have supported what3words in its recent crowdfunding campaign.