Malvern Outdoor Elements: Visual Identity

This project was completed as part of my MA in Visual Communication

This is the beginning of my dissertation project for my MA, and involves the creation of a completely new visual identity for the outdoor activities centre, Malvern Outdoor Elements. The centre was previously run by Worcestershire County Council but has recently become independent and been taken over by the local community, and therefore requires a new look and feel to mark it’s new management.

The first stage is to create their new logo and brand guidelines, this is to be followed by a website in the coming weeks, and all new marketing material including a printed brochure.

I have been working with the staff of the centre throughout the process of creating their new visual identity, to ensure the produced work is something they are proud of, and feel a part of.

The theme of my MA is ‘The value of design in the digital age’, and will explore the advantages of working directly with a designer, as opposed to more initially economically viable solutions such as crowd-sourcing. Being able to create a logo that all members of the staff feel involved in, and feel represents their employer is the first step in this study.

An outdoor centre in the heart of the Malvern Hills

Brand Guidelines