Woodland Animals Series

Experimenting with ideas for some nursery wall art, I wanted to create a series that visually works well together using a very consistent style and colour palette across four different scenes.

Welcome to Malvern

A bit of a homage to my home town of Malvern. This illustration started off as a sketch, but I wanted to experiment with colour so in the end it evolved into a full vector illustration.

Making your product accessible on a global scale

Making an interactive story book for the web (without Flash!)

This Christmas I’ve spent some time turning my picture book ‘How to hide a penguin’ an interactive web page, which you can view here. My aim was to make something light and accessible; the entire storybook is under 2MB file size, it’s responsive, and works well on all major browsers and devices. In a nutshell, […]

Happy ChristMoose

Here’s the design for my 2020 Christmas card, a sequel to last year’s ‘Hippo Christmas’ card.

Save Outdoor Ed

When I was growing up my Dad ran the local outdoor centre – a fantastic place in the Malvern Hills where every year thousands of kids learnt to climb, abseil, map read, raft build, and conquer their fear of heights in the various ropes courses that he designed and built. The centre was a labour […]


How we can fix the gender imbalance in technology

Since stumbling into the tech industry 10 years ago, there’s one thing I’ve become increasingly passionate about: we need more women. Although the gender imbalance in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a problem throughout the western world, the UK in particular is living with the uncomfortable legacy of policies that actively removed women […]

Wedding invitations

Here’s the designs for the invitations for our big August wedding, which unfortunately had to be postponed until sometime post-COVID.