Greater Change

This work was completed whilst I was working at Global Initiative.

Greater Change is a mobile phone app that will enable the general public to make secure, cashless donations to support the homeless. The app will tell the stories of the individuals it is being used to support, helping the public understand their situation and needs. It will show what they are saving for and how a donation will contribute to getting them out of the cycle of homelessness. App is due to be launched in July 2018.

Role in project: User experience and user interface design, and design of visual identity.

Behind the scenes…

Before we begin the design or development of the app, we create a completely interactive wireframe that demonstrates the desired user experience. This allows us to try out new features, sense check functionality, and experiment with optimal layout of pages. The benefit is that we can test our assumptions of the wireframe with the client and the target audience in order to receive valuable feedback before we go anywhere near code, and things get more costly.

Wireframes are always black and white, and devoid of style. They are deliberately low fidelity as this allows users to only focus on the layout and user experience in front of them, and reduces wasted time. We can increase the fidelity of the project as we wish, however we’ve found that the wireframes in this format are incredibly proficient at communicating the vision for the app or website, even in this most simplistic format.

The wireframe shown here is fully functional.