Hetty’s Hospital

This work was completed whilst I was working at Global Initiative.

Hetty’s Hospital is an interactive story app that is designed to reduce anxiety for young children going into hospital. Funded by the NHS 2023 challenge, the idea was to make the hospital experience less daunting by informing the kids about what they would be doing in the hospital, and by characterising the staff and the experience. The app includes over 10 games such as ‘What Dino ate’ where the user performs and ultrasound on Hetty’s toy dinosaur, and lots of interactive elements such as playing with the machines and exploring the rooms. The app has been rolled out across the UK and is available for free download on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


  • A storybook app with 4 main characters, 6 supporting characters, 16 scenes, and 12 games
  • 1,000 estimated downloads despite limited marketing
  • 5 Star reviews on iOS App Store and Google Play Store
  • £60 000 funding secured for next Phase in collaboration with Great Ormond Street Charity, and University College London Hospitals to create 4 new storylines

Role in project: Creative direction, user experience and illustration. Also cameo appearance as the voice of Nurse Ethel.

The task: translating intimidating, sterile environments into familiar scenes for children in order to reduce anxiety.


Scenes from the game

Intro screen – Hetty outside the hospital
Hetty having an ultrasound
Hetty and Priya hanging out in the playroom
Charlie having an x-ray

The stars of the show…

Behind the scenes…

Early sketches for the characters, and the scenes
Storyboarding the app
Phonetics for animation