The Crossbreeding Zoo

This project is now complete – please see the portfolio project

Project in progress – illustrating my poem ‘The Crossbreeding Zoo’.

Let me tell you, my friends
About The Jumbled Up Zoo
All the animals are mish-matched
And they’re waiting for you.
There’s an animal they call
The Bumblebear
So loveable and cuddly
With its soft fuzzy hair.
The ferocious Buffamole
Has the sharpest of horns
It can burrow a mile deep
From the day that it’s born.
A Squirrelephant has a trunk
And it’s all made of fluff
It tickles other animals
And steals their stuff!
A Pufferpig is tiny
Until you tickles its tum
Then it blows up in size
And floats away with a hum.
Such a marvellous sight
Is the Hippoguin
It’s got a Hippopotamus’s mouth
But has feathers for skin.
A Limingo loves to meditate
So elegant you might think
But after it’s eaten
Watch out for the stink!
If you’ve seen the Girmas
You’ll know they can move
Because a dancing Girama
Is just sooooooo smoooth!
The Sharger is merciless
It torments its prey
But if you can stroke its nose
It will sleep for the day.
An Owlster is so alternative
It’s feathers are tweed
It wears fake glasses
And only eats organic chia seed.
Pandats don’t fly
It’s more of a float
An effortless drift
Like a sailing boat.
There’s animals on land
And there’s ones in the sea
If you go after dark
Entrance is free.
It’s a sight to be seen
And it’s waiting for you
Such a site to be seen
At The Jumbled Up Zoo!

The Bumblebear and Friends
Sketches of the Bumblebear
Bumblebears flying around
Bumblebears flying around
The Sharger chasing its prey
The Sharger chasing its prey
The Sharger
The Sharger
The Pufferpig
The Pufferpig
The Pandats
The Pandats floating around
The Owlster (Owl + Hamster)
The Owlster (Owl + Hamster)
Hippoguins having a ball
Hippoguins having a ball
The Buffamole
The Buffamole
The Buffamole digging down
The Buffamole digging down