Inkpath App

This work was completed whilst I was working at Global Initiative.

As with all of our start-up clients, Inkpath’s inception was driven by a need for a better way of doing things. In this case, the opportunity lay in finding a more efficient way for students and researchers to track their personal and professional development. Previously, this was done with pen and paper, then manually typed over by university administrators.

Whilst consulting with Inkpath founders John and Jason during the project’s ideation, we realised we needed a solution that was mutually beneficial to both the university administrators and their students. By radically transforming the students’ monitoring of their own progression, we could provide instant feedback and recommend courses to remedy gaps in their skillset. Inkpath started as a solution to reduce time waste and provide better quality data for administrators, but, soon, the focus moved to the empowerment of students to take control of their own progression, motivating them to achieve more. This, as a result, would provide invaluable data for the administrators.

Inkpath is part-funded by the Global Initiative Incubator.

Role in project: User experience design and user interface design